Pallet Wrapping (33)Machine Applied Pallet Wrap (6)Hand Applied Pallet Wrap (15)Palletwrap Accessories (7)Mini Handywrap Rolls (2)Pallet Top Covers Clear & Black (3)Strapping Plastic, Metal & Tools (50)Plastic Strapping, Hand Applied. Clips & Tools (16)Steel Strapping, Hand Applied. Clips & Tools (26)Woven Cord Polyester Strapping & Buckles. (6)Machine Applied Plastic Strapping. (2)Edge & Corner Protection (12)Solid Board Edge Protectors (3)Foam U & L Shape Edge Protectors (4)Plastic Corner Protectors (5)Tapes (47)Carton Sealing Tapes (16)Coloured Packing Tapes (8)Printed Fragile,Caution,Glass Tapes (3)Cross Weave Reinforced Tape (3)Masking Tapes (4)Cloth/Gaffer Tapes (3)Hazard Warning/Floor Marking Tape (2)Barrier Tape (Non adhesive) (2)Kraft Paper Tape, Self Adhesive (2)Tape Dispensers (4)Self Adhesive Warning Labels (14)Warning Labels - 89mm x 32mm (6)Warning Labels - 148mm x 50mm (4)Warning Labels - 108mm x 79mm (4)Cardboard Cartons (46)Single Wall Cartons (26)Double Wall Cartons (20)Protection & Void Fill (28)Bubblewrap Rolls (11)Foam Rolls (7)Corrugated Rolls (4)Kraft Imitation Paper Rolls/Ream (4)Loose Fill Chippings (2)Mailing (28)Documents Enclosed Wallets (8)Bubble Lined Padded Mailers (11)Grey Poly Mailers (9)Polythene Products (111)Polythene Rolls (2)Polythene Heat Shrink Film, Gun & Trolley (3)Layflat Tubing & Heat Sealer (26)Clear Polythene Bags (38)Mini Grip Seal Poly Bags (33)Refuse Bags & Bin Liners (7)Aggregate & Compactor Bags (2)Washroom & Workshop (15)Toilet Rolls (7)Centrefeed Rolls (4)C Fold Hand Towels (2)Jumbo/Forecourt Wiper Rolls (2)

Welcome To Opak

Opak Ltd is a UK based packaging material distributor, Supplying to businesses throughout the UK. This web site shows a selection of products offered, But we do supply much more, Please ask for a quotation.

Carton sealing tapes for machine and hand use
Printed tapes, Your logo/company details
Palletwrap/stretch film for both hand and machine application
Metal strapping & dispensers
Plastic strapping for both hand and machine application
Polythene sheeting & heat shrink rolls, pallet top covers & hoods
Polythene bags, stock sizes and bespoke
PVC & Polyolefin shrink films
Stock boxes & bespoke boxes
Cardboard layer pads (Pallet stacking dividers)
Pallet boxes including wooden pallet
Plastic pallets
Paper products, Toilet rolls, Hand towels, Centre feed rolls, & Giant wiper rolls etc

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